Philosphy & Vision
Like all successful businesses, DLFL believes in the power of the people. We are an employee-centric company and we owe our success and position to our Work Culture, which is driven by the performance of our employees. Our fundamentals are simple - we give every employee an equal opportunity to take initiatives and make a difference to the organization. Every one of us is empowered to contribute to the growth of DLFL and in the process, contribute to his/her own growth and development.

DLFL has been founded with a belief of honesty as a core value of leadership. The group believes that employees are the most vital asset of the growth of the company.

Position of employees and management at DLFL as the most sought after team in the industry, year on year. Advocate a climate that cultivates performance excellence along with personal and organizational growth.
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55, F.I.E., Patparganj
Industrial Area,
Delhi - 110092

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